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Hello, and welcome to Poser's Kitchen Soundware. We create soundware for Kurzweil PC3-compatible instruments. Currently available soundware includes: * NXT Ol' Dirty Analog ODD, based on an ARP Odyssey-style signal path * NXT Suprasaw, a unique implementation of the "supersaw" sound * NXT Ol' Dirty Analog JUNP, based on a Roland Jupiter/Juno/SH-style signal path * PK Signature Series Wurlitzer 200A, a recreation of the Wurlitzer 200A using synthesis and no samples NXT stands for "NeXT", as in we aim to push the art of VAST programming into new territory and provide you with "what's next", or cutting-edge production-ready soundware that takes advantage of the advanced programming features available in Kurzweil instruments. We have a number of VAST/PC3 programming tutorials and other related content available on YouTube as well: PC3 Programming Tutorials, demos, etc. Thanks for stopping by!

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